Free Equity Release Calculator

Calculate The Maximum Release From Your Property


Are you considering an equity release scheme? If you are, you are in good company. Lifetime mortgages have become incredibly popular in the last few years and home reversions are still being taken advantage of for their benefits as well. An equity release scheme can help you to enjoy retirement in a way that leaves you free from financial stress. You can use the money you receive however you want. Perhaps you already know that you want to take a nice long holiday or pay down some debt that you’ve been carrying for too long. Maybe you just want to be able to give your children or grandchildren some extra cash while you are still around to watch them enjoy it. Finally, maybe you have been eyeing a new car that was never practical when you were raising your family. No matter the reason for your interest in an equity release product, one thing remains the same and that is that you need to know how much cash you could receive.

Knowing the amount you would be eligible to receive can be the driving force behind which scheme you choose. There are so many lifetime mortgage plans available now that it can seem daunting to narrow down your choice. On top of that, it can feel even more overwhelming trying to figure out how much you could borrow from each individual plan. That is where we can come in to help you. Not only are we available to guide you through the process of attaining your equity release product, but we can also give you an estimate of how much you can expect to receive from each scheme.

With just a few basic personal details, you will have a good idea of your borrowing power. You let us know your age, the value of your property and how much you still owe on your mortgage, and we can let you know how much you will likely be able to borrow. We don’t stop there, either. We can give you estimates on how much you can borrow using different plans. What you might be able to borrow from a lump sum plan is likely very different than what you could receive from a drawdown scheme or an enhanced plan.

Aside from letting you know how much you can borrow, we are also available to go over all of the features of each plan with you. This can help guide you in choosing the right one for your individual needs and the needs of your family. For example, some schemes are just better for homeowners who still want to leave behind an inheritance while others are better at maximizing the amount received. We can take your unique needs into account as we help you choose a plan. We are available to talk with you in-person, over the phone, through our live chat option and via email. Reach out to us today for knowledgeable information and we can not only let you know how much you can likely borrow, but we can help you determine the best plan for you.